Water scarcity in Brikama and its environs!

Jan 5, 2021, 12:30 PM

Water is a basic necessity in life. In simple terms ‘no water, no life.’ Therefore, access to clean drinking water and adequate sanitation is vital to human health.

Estimates indicate that over two billion have no access to safe water worldwide and some 4.5 billion people, including 200 million people, lack adequate sanitation services. The most vulnerable to water scarcity are women and children. 

It is sad to know that majority of the rural population still lives without sustainable access to safe drinking.

Well, it is in the news that communities of Brikama, Busumbala and other villages in the West Coast Region are experiencing acute water shortage these days.

Meanwhile,  the national utility giant (NAWEC) has informed the general public that due to faults on the power line connecting production boreholes in Brikama, several boreholes are currently down and therefore out of service.

Consequently, this has resulted in water shortages within the catchment areas supplied by the affected boreholes and these include Brikama, Farato, Busumbala and parts of Brusubi.

The importance of water cannot be overemphasised as water is required for almost every activity in our day to day life.

So we are of the view that dwellers in these communities are currently facing a great challenge when it comes to assessing potable water for drinking and other domestic chores.

Increased water consumption and dependency has worsened the crisis. And many communities have embraced water shortage with a bitter pill, instead of challenging it.

Brikama and some of the communities affected as a result of faults on the power line connection are big communities. Therefore, there must be contingency plans or plan B with a view to addressing the water related need of inhabitants of the area.

NAWEC must also make it an utmost priority to ensure efficient water supply in all major towns, cities in the country at all times. In most communities, it is only late at night when water is available for use. Water should be available throughout day and night.

We also suggest for a robust mechanism for immediate action that will provide a roadmap for rapid response and recovery in providing guidance on water usage, response and its capabilities.

Until then, the country will find a challenge in ensuring that there is significant and efficient water for the citizens.

"Thousands have lived without love, not one without water."

W.H. Auden

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