Patriotism and national development!

Jul 23, 2020, 10:17 AM

Values like patriotism, commitment, hard work, and so on, as fundamental element to the development of any nation. Therefore, these are not mere words of fantasy.

They are echoed for a purpose, and the ultimate aim is national development.

As famously put by former United States politician and statesman, John F Kennedy asked not what your country can do for you, asked what you can do for your country. 

Just last week, the social media platforms were inundated with images of a young policewoman manning traffic amid heavy downpour without any raincoats or water-proof boots.

The young officer who was later identified as Cpl Kaddy Jarju gained instant admiration a cross section of the populace for her bravery and patriotism.

She had an option to abandon post when the rains started. And the Police High Command would have no reason to question her because she was ill-equipped at the time to continue directing traffic amid the downpour.

But due to her love for the nation, she stayed on and continue to direct traffic. As soon as the first image appeared online, it immediately went virally attracting huge admirers. Kaddy’s selfless service to her nation is one that should be emulate by all serving men and women in police uniform.

The young police officer, who up till to the time many believed was a fall from grace, was police Corporal Kaddy Jarju, gained immediate recognition from the police high command, gaining her instant promotions to Sergeant. She also took home various gifts from individual Gambian both home and in the diaspora, who are in total approval of her service to the nation.

The Gambia belongs to no individual or group. It is a product of collective effort and hence-common property. Being patriotic to the nation simply means being patriotic to oneself. It is a well-known principle within development discourse that for progress to be achieved by any society, the people have to be the driving force behind it.

Let’s bear in mind that all development undertakings must involve the people, who ought to be part and parcel of the initiation and implementation stages of development projects.

We once again, salute the Sgt Jarju and The Gambia Police for elevating her with a new rank. The era of promotion based on whom you know should cease immediately. Promotion in any workforce should be based on merit. Let’s try and motivate and encourage those young officers, who are extremely giving out their best.

Jarju, who enlisted into The Gambian Police Force in 2008, should be a shining example to hundreds of colleagues in service. Thanks You Sgt Jarju for your show of patriotism to The Gambia.

"If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen."

Ronald Reagan

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