Good Morning Mr. President: On NPP-APRC alliance​

Sep 13, 2021, 1:34 PM

Mr. President, on the 2nd September 2021, your party NPP and APRC – the party of the​ former president Yahya Jammeh​, formed an alliance and signed a MOU.

NPP's Deputy Spokesman Seedy Njie has debunked reports on Social Media
that it was signed in the MOU that Jammeh will be given amnesty and all his assets returned to him and APRC to get five ministerial posts and senior posts in government departments and​ parastatals.

Mr. President, you used to say in our local language Wolof: "I don't want darkness, I want brightness”. ‘Nai lerr nai lerr’. ‘Barrow bougoul leedem, nai lerr’.​

Mr. President, since you have signed the ​Access to Information Bill, the MOU between NPP and APRC must be spelt out to the public.

It's important for the people to know what is entailed in the MOU for transparency sake.​
Electorates also want an explanation of the MOU which will guide them to know who they should vote for; if not​, people will continue to speculate and this will not​ help your campaign.

Mr. President, according to Afrobarometer's recent survey published last week, Gambians have expressed mixed feelings for the ex-president to have amnesty and his assets return to him.
Seventy-three percent of people want Jammeh to face justice and his assets not to return to  him and perpetrators to be prosecuted.

Mr. President, during the TRRC sittings, it was revealed that 240 people were unlawfully killed during the 22 years rule of dictatorship of Jammeh.​
Three hundred ninety-two (392) witnesses including those who participated in the killings through the instructions of Jammeh have appeared before the Commission.
Mr. President, for your political gain and legacy, you should implement all the recommendations of the TRRC report which you will receive at the end of the month.
Jammeh’s returning to The Gambia will create instability because the victims will not let him free.
APRC in 2016 presidential elections were voted out because of human rights abuses, killings and mysterious disappearances of people; unlawful detention people for a long period without access to lawyers; abuse of power; sacking​ government officials without genuine reasons and misuse of government funds, etc.

Gambians voted you in office to get better life in restoring democracy and rule of law. So signing of any MOU between your party and any other party should be in the interest of the Gambian population.​
In the last parliamentary election, APRC could only secure five seats from the 53 seats contested, 2012 parliamentary elections AFPRC won 43 seats out of the 48. In 2017, 53 seats were contested.

Mr. President, if people should​ re-elect​ you in office, it should be through your performance and not Alliance with the APRC. The APRC secured only 5 seats in the last parliamentary elections from their strongholds in Fonis, West Coast Region.
Good day!

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