On TRRC’s reconciliation meetings!

Mar 11, 2021, 11:30 AM

Reconciliation is an important element in building strong and progressive nation.

In other words, it is key to fostering harmonious living in any community setup. The more we forgive and reconcile, the more we stand to progress in life. In fact all major faiths in the world encourage and promote reconciliation and forgiveness.

Recently, the TRRC brokered a reconciliation forum for about 11 people, some of whom were victims and their perpetrators. What is amazing is the fact that the perpetrators were bold enough to admit their wrongs and seek for forgiveness about their past sins.

The move is part of TRRC’s mandate to promote and facilitate reconciliation between victims and their perpetrators.

The move is timely, looking at our fragile democracy and the past episode many victims went through during the past regime. However, truth must be told in any reconciliation forum and the fact that perpetrators have accepted their wrongs, is highly welcomed.

Establishing the truth is crucial in any reconciliation forum, as the truth shall set one free. It also enables community to heal easily, thereby restoring broken relationships. We must bear in mind that respect for human rights is crucial to promoting social-cohesion, peace and sustainable national development.

Well, the TRRC approach towards these reconciliation meetings is like exercising our traditional method of addressing disputes or misunderstanding in our local settings.

Therefore, we salute these perpetrators for their boldness to seek forgiveness, and the victims for finding a place in their hearts to forgive.

As Gambians, we should always play a part in fostering social harmony in our respective communities. Even though the country has gone through so many right violations, it is only divine and Godly that we reconcile, forgive and forge a new chapter in our country’s march towards greatness.

However, reconciliation starts with education, and if we as a nation are serious about reconciling perpetrators and victims, then we need to be open to learning more about our country’s past.

"To err is human and to forgive is divine."

Gilsy Baba

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