Good Morning Mr. President: The interest of the people comes first 

Feb 22, 2021, 9:34 AM

Mr. President, with the advent of the 2nd and possible 3rd wave of COVID-19 and its accompanying strain that poses great health hazard to the public, the government has now taken limited steps to avoid the spread of this monstrous pandemic.

The writing was all over the trajectory of the new waves and many countries had taken steps to curb its widespread by banning all forms of gatherings. 

Regretfully, however, Gambia acted differently such that the gains have eroded as cases and deaths are on the rise now. 

Mr. President, the suspension of police permits for social and political gatherings came rather late after many super spread events perpetuated by political parties and cultural events have taken place and even with the announcement, continues unabated.  

To lead a country, one has to put country first. One has to be nationalistic and patriotic, firm and fair in practice and not word of mouth. 

How many social gatherings take place with police permits? None!!
Mr. President, please declare a state of public emergency and discourage people travelling to and fro the country for social or cultural activities because there is a PANDEMIC.

Your government has a big challenge in fighting the pandemic because the majority of people don't obey the WHO rules.

Mr. President, it is necessary to stop all public events immediately, be it political or cultural because our lives are more useful than self interests, and people are witnessing the increase of registered positive cases and number of deaths on a daily basis. 

Mr. President, How soon will The Gambia have the COVID-19 vaccines from China or Russia?

This will help a great deal as some African countries have their vaccines already. 

What are the plans put in place by the Ministry of Health and concerned authorities for The Gambia’s share its COVID19 vaccine?

Finally Mr. President, we welcome your pronouncement on yearning for National Unity, reconciliation and tolerance on Independence Day.

As you rightly said, Gambia's progress depends on unity because in politics, we should avoid violence, the use of provocative words, insulting people's parents through social media.

Everybody has a right to support a political party, but party leaders should also give good examples and not attack their opponents with defamatory words.

Selling their political agendas should be their priority with nurturing peace and unity in the country. Voters would then choose their candidates to be in the highest office come December 4th 2021 without any violence. 

Good day!

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