On term limit in Africa!

Sep 10, 2020, 11:38 AM

One of the major political issues that Africa is faced with is extension of terms of office. And the continuous disruption of the democratic process by either the military or civilians, once again reminds us the need for African leaders to stop overstaying in office.

It is sad to state here that Africa is one of the few continents still grappling with the issue of their leaders overstaying in office, thereby enriching themselves, families and closed associates. 

This problem has become apparent over the past involving politicians, who repeatedly run for reelection – remaining in office so long that they become more associated to special interests than to the people they are supposed to represent.

Our leaders in Africa should stop elongating their tenure in office, as such, as in the past; only give rise to unrest and political tensions.

In modern politics with new breed of politician emerging, it is only fair and worthy for countries to embrace term limit.

Embracing term limits encourages a transition of power and provides a check against entrenched politicians running government for their own interests. 

At the just-ended 57th ordinary summit of the Economic Community of West African States in Niger's capital Niamey, President Buhari while addressing fellow leaders, called them to adhere to the constitutional provisions of their respective countries, particularly on term limits.

As he rightly stated, leaders should learn to respect the constitution in order to avoid political crisis.

We all know that term limit is a hot topic in many countries and is one of the easiest areas that generates crisis and political tension. And our leaders should stop manipulating with our constitutions just to serve their selfish interest.

Until then, the continent will continue to grapple with conflicts sand political tensions, thus endangering the lives of innocent lives.

We are all a living witnesses to the alarming rise in incidents of terrorism, insurgency, armed banditry and piracy in this part of Africa.

Let our leaders rethink and embrace a new approach in creating more opportunities for our citizens.

"We need to focus on reducing property taxes. We need to focus on education funding. We need to focus on getting term limits elected officials."

Bruce Rauner

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