On recent upsurge of crimes in the country

Sep 21, 2022, 10:15 AM

The recent rise in crime is extraordinarily complex. Policymakers and the public should not jump to conclusions or expect easy answers but the government through its Interior and Defence ministries should look into an urgent solution to crimes.

After seeing some decline in the past years, crime rose during the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly violent crime leading to killings of innocent beings as well causing fear and panic among our people is on the rise. 

Gambians and foreigners staying in the country are concerned about their security and it is the responsibility of the government to guarantee the lives and properties of every person in this country.

The Police's decision to warn against carrying weapons in public is commendable but it has to go beyond that. During the former regime, we realised that the police were able to minimise crimes by intensifying night patrol, targeting criminal gangs and hideouts within and beyond the city.

That had contributed a lot in tackling the rise in criminal cases. And that is why the era of Gorgui Mboge as the head of the Anti Crime Unit was welcomed by many due to low crime rates.

Violent crimes and some types of property crime rose across the country from 2021-2022 in communities of all types across the country. This is a serious warning for the government to act on time and smartly.  

Many unemployed young people who commit crimes in our communities on a daily basis blame the government for not providing job opportunities.

Despite some entrepreneurship training conducted to assist the youth, they ended up jobless due to a lack of employment or getting a grant as a starting capital to operate a business. 

The Ministry of Interior in their recent press release reminded everyone that the Gambia is a country with laws and anybody found wanting will face the full force of the law. This statement should not only be a statement, but it should also be their duty to enforce the law on whosoever is found wanting of any crime. 

This is a step in the right direction and the public hopes to see a positive outcome. Norman Macdonald said that "the man that does not fear punishment little regards crime."


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