Good Morning Mr. President: On lack of foreign exchange, security

Jun 20, 2022, 10:37 AM

Mr. President, your government should find solution to problems of foreign exchange which is affecting the prices of basic commodities like rice and sugar. These have increased drastically in the past two weeks.

The Government needs to immediately address the prices of essential commodities in the country. We understand that local banks do not have enough foreign exchange for importers to pay their suppliers for their importation. This may lead suppliers to cancel their orders. And this may cause rice and sugar shortage, leading to further hikes in the prices which will hard hit The Gambian market and population. 

Mr. President, the Government should act swiftly in this matter and ensure that essential commodity importers have adequate foreign exchange to pay their suppliers for their importation in order to continue to supply sufficient essential commodities in particular rice and sugar to the population.

Importers are kindly seeking your immediate intervention in addressing this crucial matter with the necessary authorities to eliminate this national concern as rice and sugar are staple foods in The Gambia.

Mr. President, the security of the country should be given priority in terms of equipment, transport, communication and incentives to their personnel. 

Armed robbers are still active and security personnel should vigorously patrol during the night in remote and key areas. More police stations should be created. The police personnel are looking for good accommodations for police stations outreach in the communities which will increase surveillance in the communities. However, all these cannot be achieved without mobility. The Gambia Police is hindered by lack of mobility and your Government must address that. Mobility is key because when police patrol regularly during the night, this helps prevent and reduce crimes and armed robbery and stealing which are very rampant nowadays in this country. 

Mr. President, the parliamentary election of Senegal is scheduled for 31st July 2022. Our security personnel should be vigilant with our borders to thoroughly check the passengers crossing to Senegal.

Last Friday there was a demonstration in Dakar and Casamance which according to the opposition, claimed three lives but Red Cross reported one death. Friday 10th June four MFDC rebels were arrested in Dakar following a protest by the opposition. March 14 2021, people were killed in protest for the arrest of Sonko

Last Friday, the opposition were denied unauthorised mass protest with three of their leaders being arrested and would appear in court today. Their principal leader Ousman Sonko and top brass are not eligible to contest in the parliamentary elections due to technical error detected in the electoral list by the ministry of Interior in charge of the elections 

Mr. President Senegal and The Gambia are like room and parlour, any trouble in Senegal can affect The Gambia. We pray the elections are conducted peacefully.

The Gambia should be taken as an example for holding the presidential elections in a very peaceful and fair environment December 4th 2021 and                 

Good day!