On Presidential largesse to windstorm victims!

Jul 15, 2021, 12:54 PM

There is nothing more rewarding than caring and sharing with your fellow countrymen especially in times of urgent need.

These moral qualities are even encouraged and promoted by our major faiths in the country.

The more you care and share with your neighbour, the more trust and love you have for one and another.

It is in the news that The Gambian leader, Adama Barrow has manifested those true leadership virtues by donating a whopping sum of D2 Million to needy families in the North Bank Region, who are reeling from the effects of last Wednesday’s devastating windstorm that hits parts of the country.

The presidential gesture is not only timely, indeed a move in the right direction. It came few days when the windstorm wrecked havoc in the country, claiming 11 lives and rendering thousands homeless.

The vice president, Dr. Isatou Touray on behalf of the Gambian leader, presented the money to the affected region.

This wise move, reminds us the fact that love they say is not about controlling, it’s about caring and sharing. And President Barrow has just manifested that.

What is even more dearing is the fact that he cut short his activities in the provinces to visit some of the affected communities. This also speaks volume of the love he has for Gambians. During his visit, he got to know firsthand the extent of the damage caused by the disaster.

We therefore, salute President Barrow for the foresight to inspect affected sites and paid tribute to families, who lost loved ones.

Undoubtedly, the money donated will not bring back what might have been lost during the unfortunate incidents especially lives, but it goes to show that President Barrow is also grieving with families who lost items and loved ones

The situation we all know is a natural phenomenon and we pray for God Almighty to always protect and save the country from such natural calamities.

We reiterate here that sharing empathy is one of the most wonderful aspects of the human experience. Scholars believe that knowledge is a tree and sharing is the water element that is necessary for the growth of the tree. And the more one share, the more tree will increases.

Once again, we salute President Barrow for leading by example with windstorm victims. This is what we call demonstration of true leadership virtues.

"Goverment has really been growing, a lot of largesse, but the people in the real world aren'tt. And that's what has to change. Goverment has no conformity at all with the real world."

Michele Bachmann

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