On CRR youth peace negotiation!

Sep 15, 2021, 3:55 PM

Peace is key in achieving any meaningful result. Without peace, law and order, the world would be a worst wild zone. That is why many philosophers are of the view that a threat to peace anywhere, is a threat to peace everywhere.

No matter the comfort, security or relative peace one seems to enjoy in one region or country today, there is no guarantee that the crisis in one country couldn’t spread to another tomorrow.

It is in the news that the National Youth Council (NYC) recently brokered a peaceful mediation between regional youth chairperson of Central River Region and other youth leaders in the same region.

This peaceful mediation effort is laudable and speaks volume of the council’s untiring efforts to empower and foster unity among youth in the country.

When we learn to forget and put aside our differences, then we’re bound to develop faster than we expected.

And we should also bear in mind that no unity among the youth, no development. Most often, when our political leaders, they referred to youth as future leaders.  

We bet to defer; youth are already future leaders. Their sense of commitment, courage and dedication, signals the country we want to see in the future.

And youth forms the majority in terms of population in the country. Therefore, their welfare matters a lot in that regard.

Around the world, countries that were able to develop with a pace of time pays particular attention to issues relating to youth development; as youth’s contribution is key in any thriving economy.

So when they’re nurtured, coached and exposed to positive upbringing to be able to make important choices, then there is hope for that country. We must not relent to lay a solid foundation for all this to happen.

We therefore call on the different camps to put aside their differences and work towards achieving greater success in the region.

To err is human and to forgive is divine.

We must commend NYC for the leadership played in bringing about lasting peace in that region. Always remember that the country’s youth are learning from you. So any positive steps you take speak volume of the country’s march to greater success as far as youth are concerned.

Once again, well done NYC!

"Well Done is better than well said."

Gilsy baba

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