On Bakau covid-19 voluntary testing!

May 6, 2020, 12:42 PM

It’s been reported in the news that hundreds of volunteers recently turned up for a mass voluntary covid-19 rapid testing in Bakau.

The move comes a day after the coastal community reported few new confirmed cases. As the number of new confirmed cases rise, it is important for communities to embrace mass voluntary covid-19 rapid testing to ascertain whether they carry the virus or not.

We also implore on Health Ministry and its partners to replicate this mass c-19 testing in more communities as that would help in stemming the spread of both import and local transmissions.

It is important during the outbreak of such a life threatening disease; communities adhere to precautionary measures to limit its spread. And it is evident that among the number of confirmed cases, not all were imported cases.

There are quite few cases that are as a result of local transmission, thus the importance of mass voluntary testing to track down affected people as quickly as possible.

Coronavirus is real and deadly and communities in the country should treat it as such.

The samples collected during such mass screening exercise, help health officials to ascertain how prone the country is when it comes to containment of covid-19 is concern.

 It is important for health officials to have as much information as possible in dealing with the coronavirus, and testing is considered a key to try to determine how best to combat and deal with the virus.

We therefore strongly encourage communities to take advantage of this mass free testing if you suspect any symptoms because the sooner, the better.

As research intensifies on how to come up with a vaccine that could be a remedy, let’s still maintain the social distancing as well as precautionary measures advised by health experts and WHO.

There is no room for complacency and the battle against this deadly virus calls for all hands on deck. We should always remember that volunteerism is crucial and one of the critical corners stone in the fight against covid-19.

“The point at which things happen is a decision. In stead of focusing on yourself, focus on how you can help someone else.”

Germany Kent

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