Surge in murder cases!

Jul 14, 2022, 10:46 AM

The recent surge in the number of young people in crime-related and violent acts, is a cause of concern. These days, the country is reeling from two shocking murders: one in Tanji and the other in Bafuloto.

It is important to state here that most of these violent crimes in the country are propelled by drug abuse. We all have a great role to play to fight against illicit drug abuse and crime in the country.

Just recently, police have taken into custody a man who allegedly stabbed his 85 year old dad in Tanji, Kombo South. It is also in today’s edition that a lower court in Brikama has remanded one Edward Nzally, who is alleged to have stabbed his brother, Yassin Nzally in Bafuloto. 

These two murders in this short space of time, clearly highlights the nature and manner in which our communities are turning into. Let’s always promote peaceful cohesion in our homes.

Let’s also not forget that illicit drug abuse also fuel crime rate in any country. We have to work hard towards combating illicit drug abuse among the country’s youthful population.

Looking at our street, one would be amazed with the number of youth mostly in their teens smoking ‘weed’ also know as marijuana.

Other substances such as hashish and shisha among others are highly abused by both boy and girls in the country. Let’s not forget that the biggest resource that any country has is its people.

Youth should always put at the back of their minds that they form the core treasure of the nation. An enterprising youth population accelerates a nation’s development processes.

On the contrary, a dependent youth population is a burden, thereby hindering progress and development and overall contributing to a failed state.

It is therefore sad that drug addiction or usage also accounts for some of these violent crimes in the country.

We have a big role to shape and position our youth by engaging them positively. The country owes it to them to engage them in all aspects of development.

Parents also have a great role in coaching and in the upbringing of their children.

We therefore call on government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports to do more to curtail youth involvement in violent crimes in the country.

Studies have revealed that young people who persistently abuse substances often experience an array of problems, including academic difficulties, health-related problems including mental health, poor peer relationships, and brushes with the juvenile justice system. Additionally, there are consequences for family members, the community, and the entire society.

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