Let’s talk about transport fares!

May 14, 2020, 12:41 PM

It’s been weeks since government announced a massive reduction in domestic pump price for fuel, petrol, diesel, jet fuel and other gas related in the country.

The move, which is seen by many, as the single biggest reduction ever, comes as coronavirus outbreak severely restricts public movement and slows economic activity.

Despite the move, commuters in the county continue to encounter daily nightmares especially in accessing their work place and back. While many commuters believe with the massive reduction in domestic pump price of fuel and other gas related, would obviously trickle down and reflect in transportation fares, amid covid-19 lockdown. But far from what many commuters faced amid covid-19 lockdown, is just terrible.

And the attitude of some drivers towards passengers, in terms of the number of passengers they should carry as well as the destination they cover, is rather unfortunate.

Commuters are forced to pay an amount even far more than their allocated transport fares which is not fair.

 We all know that Gambian civil servants are among the least paid in the sub-region and forcing them to extra charges in transport is out of sheer greed, looking at the present situation.

Government should take firm stance to address the issue. It is during these difficult times, some greedy drivers just like businessmen, are always bent on hiking or overpricing fares. And as at now many have succeeded in doing so, because the minimum fares from Serrekunda to Brikama costs nothing less than D25 or more.

And for instance, when a driver says they are going to Tabokoto, they mostly mean Brikama. But one wouldn’t know this until the vehicle gets as far as Latrikunda. And in such cases these drivers would be bold enough to compel their passengers into paying double fares. Authorities should take a stand because when citizens are pushed to the corner, their actions could translate into something. Drivers should change their attitudes. May God help us!

“If we drive down the cost of transportation in space, we can do great things.”

Elon Musk

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