Good Morning Mr.  President: Criminals should be prosecuted 

May 17, 2021, 11:42 AM

Mr. President, once again we pray for Allah to accept all our prayers offered during the Ramadan and pray that peace continues to reign in our beloved country, The Gambia. 

It was long waited for you to address the nation about the crime rate in the country, especially the killing of innocent people this year. 

And you said it all in your 'Koriteh' message, there are “disturbing reports of domestic violence in our communities and criminal acts of drug abuse, theft, destruction of properties and other forms of crimes that are unknown in the country such as kidnapping and daylight robbery."  

Mr. President, you should act now since you are aware of the current security situation. You must set an example by making sure that culprits face the full force of the law. 

Criminals who have been arrested by the police Operation Zero Crime and are found guilty should be seriously punished to prevent others from repeating the same crimes 

In many American states, the death penalty is applied. Even in the Qur’an, when a person deliberately kills, he or she should suffer the same fate.

Mr. President, in order to minimise the crime rate in the country, the government needs to equip our security personnel and community policing should be at the center stage of their activities. The country's narcotic agency should also expand their demand reduction campaign. 

It's also high time that we have CCTV cameras in the streets located at strategic points within the Greater Banjul Area to capture most of the crime scenes in the streets. 

Your government should also recruit more security personnel or even give contracts to the retired ones. The security personnel should be motivated and given very good mobility. They should also be armed, since criminals are known to be well armed and use tear gas to eliminate people. 

Mr. President, it's high time that the army also join the night patrol to assist in curbing crimes in the country. 

Many people are now abusing the new Gambia and your leniency may promote unruly behaviour and causing crimes. 

You must be firm, if not, the security will most likely affect your performance at the next presidential elections. 

Mr. President, there is general outcry from the public that the country is no longer safe. Thousands of jobless youths are turning to vandalism and Gambian lives are at stake because of insecurity. 

Foreigners who are not working and involved in criminal activities should leave the country. 

Mr. President, the voter registration will commence 29 May 2021 and followed by the presidential elections, which is scheduled for 4 December, 2021. 

The security personnel should be vigilant especially around our borders to prevent non Gambians entering the country to register illegally for voter's cards. 

Police must have toll-free numbers for people to easily call them. Community policing is very important now.

Finally Mr. President, many people are of the view that before you declare Eid holidays, you should first consult with the Supreme Islamic Council to confirm the Eid. Eid Ul-fitr usually comes with two public holidays; the day Eid it’s performed and the following day. This is what former President Jawara practiced. Please maintain the old tradition.  

Good day!

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