Let’s say no to tribal politics in Gambia!

Sep 29, 2021, 10:26 AM

Politics based on tribe could once again intrude in an ugly way in The Gambia. In order to develop as a progressive nation, citizens must put aside their tribal differences.

Politics based on tribe will only tear apart our beloved nation and retard development initiatives.

It is high time Gambians shun all tribal politics and work towards the development of the country.

President Barrow has once again called on Gambians to work towards nation building and desist from any form of tribal politics, claiming that it retards development.

Barrow made these remarks while addressing thousands of his supporters in Brikama last weekend as part of his on-going Meet the People’s Tour.

He revealed that his government is committed to nation building as manifested in the on-going infrastructural development among other projects across the country.

What politicians and all who want to assume leadership should know is that Gambia is a country with its citizenry cutting across all corners. This is based on the fact that due to harmonious coexistence and in the process inter-marry.

We inter-marry, go to school together, raise and conduct all our businesses and affairs in the spirit of one nation, one people, with one destiny. This, many believe, is the hallmark which has characterised our beloved country over the years.

Though many scholars have argued that tribalism has been an inherent part of human history. ‘There has always been competition between groups of humans in different ways and with different faces, from brutal wartime nationalism to a strong loyalty to a football team.’

This assertion, however, clearly shows that tribalism has existed long since. But in this day and age, tribalism has no room as far as modern civilization is concerned.

Importantly, The Gambia has been widely credited for its openness and tolerance. Let’s bear in mind that it is only under a climate of tranquillity, tolerance and rule of law that a peaceful Presidential election can be conducted.

 Therefore, tribalism is irrelevant, going by the present situation in the country. We should all see the country first and all other issues are secondary.

Politics based on tribes, therefore, will not take us anywhere. It will only take us backward into the shackle of poverty. So political leaders should take note and be mindful of tribal politics.      

“  For the nation to live, the tribe must die.”

Samora Machel

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