It’s time for national development!

Apr 13, 2022, 11:29 AM

National unity is key in any meaningful development. Many agree that the biggest strength of mankind lies in our unwavering unity. This therefore, clearly highlights the importance of unity in any undertaking.

As some scholars put it, the foundation for our existence on earth depends on our ability to communicate, compromise and unite. Now that we just emerged from last Saturday’s parliamentary polls, it is time for all to rededicate our efforts towards building a great nation to the envy of the world.

In this post election period, let’s foster unity and for old wounds to heal for the good of the country. Collectively, to develop The Gambia is not a big task. We have to set priorities for the country and ensure those target goals yield positive results, over white elephant projects.

We know it won’t be easy, but collectively we can do it. Let’s remember the old adage ‘Rome was built by none but the Romans.’ No one will come from outside to develop this country for us. Even in advanced economies, they were able to achieve greatness, thanks to the unwavering stance of its citizens to achieve such status. We can do the same here.

As human beings, it is destined by God that we must have our differences and weaknesses. But during such moments that is where one makes use of maturity. 

Politics come and go but our relations and community ties will remain. Therefore, in any undertaking one has to exercise maturity and not let our emotions control us. ‘If we allow our emotions to control us’ it will be difficult to make meaningful headway.

Let's always remind ourselves that it is our collective responsibility to stand up against matters which have the potential to divide people. And those who should put out the fire should not start it. The Gambia is a one big family.

Despite our differences in religion, culture and politics we inter-marry.

The country is such that even late at night, one can leave his house and return home safe and sound. But from the look of things, the country is fast losing those values. However, the country can still regain such past glories, only ‘if we change our attitude.’

Let’s always promote unity and togetherness. The Smiling Coast of Africa is not uttered just for fantasy; it is uttered for a reason. Let’s safeguard that dignity and value.