Happy New Year to our esteemed customers!

Jan 6, 2022, 12:45 PM

It’s yet the start of another New Year.  We want to return thanks and praises to Almighty God for guiding and seeing us through 2021.

We also want to salute our esteemed partners from individuals, corporate bodies to entities, for all the patronage this past year.

As a norm in many countries, New Year accords people the opportunity to anticipate reforms in various sectors.

It also provides a perfect opportunity to take stock of our shortcomings with a view to improving our services for quality delivery.

We cannot talk about the past year without first mentioning the hardships and challenges brought by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Suffice it to state here that many would conclude that without doubt it is one of the most complicated health challenges out of time.

Since the first reported case in the country in March 2020, many have been asking when lives would return to normalcy.

In The Gambia, a significant percentage of people working in both formal and informal sectors feel ‘stuck’ personally and professionally, as a result of the pandemic.

Many would attest to the fact that life has been on hold for nearly two years, as Covid-19 pandemic restrictions prevented people from making personal and professional plans.

In a separate development, Gambians last month (December) went to the polls to elect a new president. This is the first-ever general election since the ouster of former dictator Yaya Jammeh. President-elect Adama Barrow won with a landslide securing a total of 53% of the total vote cast.

This landslide victory is indicative of the trust and confidence Gambians have in him and in view of his development initiative his government continues to champion in all spheres of lives.

Also this past years, the country registered a significant rise in the number of reported violent cases ranging from murder to drug related- crimes. And some of these violent reported cases remain unsolved. We call on the new government to leave no stone un-turned in ensuring that justice is served.

The Gambia has been renowned for its peace, harmony and open door policy to foreign visitors. That accolade is fast depleting due to the rise in violent crimes in the country.

We hope and pray that 2022 is even more successful than the previous years with a lot of opportunities.

We cannot end without extending special felicitation to our vast readership, esteemed customers and clients. It is because of your patronage and partnership that we were able to grow and improve on our news content as a company amid stiff competition.

Once again, a happy New Year to all!