Good Morning Mr. President: There is need for peaceful Niamina West by-election

Nov 2, 2020, 11:00 AM

Mr. President, as all political parties are preparing for the Niamina West by-election scheduled for Saturday, we expect all parties to be matured, law abiding and respect all the guidelines and decisions given by the Independent Electoral Commission.

All preventive measures should be put in place to ensure a peaceful election takes place.

Militants and candidates of both parties: GDC and NPP should also be ready to accept whoever emerges winner without any problem.

Mr. President, politics should not create enmity among people; militants and politicians should avoid using abusive language and making unfounded allegations.

Tribalism has no place in The Gambia as we are one people and one Gambia. Politicians should sell their political agenda and not engage in insults and hate speeches.

Mr. President, The Niamina by election is a test for our nascent democracy and the NPP to test its political weight before 2021 presidential elections.

Whatever the outcome of the results, the loser should graciously accept defeat and not to engage in quarrelling or fighting. Politic is not worth it, elections come and go but communities stay together forever.

Mr. President, Gambians welcomed the decision by your government to reengage all stakeholders to discuss and agree on a framework that will move the new draft constitution forward. 

This is a better move than leaving the country in a dangerous and unsafe illegal environment. The implications of going by the 1997 Constitution are too many and will put the country in a more difficult political situation if not put to rest once and for all. 

Mr. President, the public has been informed that the investigations into the fire incident at the Fisheries Ministry have been completed and that the file has been sent to the AG’s Chambers for legal opinion. 

However, the public should be informed of the outcome as it has been of public concern.  

Mr. President, now that the Covid-19 lockdown has been completely relaxed in the Gambia, there is a second wave in Europe, U.S. and many parts of the world; most of them are even going on lock down again.

It is very important for government to remain vigilant at all entry points especially the airport, now that the tourists’ season has started. People entering the country should meet the requirements of 72 hours negative Covid-19 results without compromise to protect our citizens from the second wave. We should be vigilant in fighting Covid-19 imported cases. We must not be complacent. If need be, re-impose compulsory facemask use and its attendant prosecutions as people have become lax and carelessly ignore the basic recommended protocols by WHO and our own Ministry of Health. We must not let our guard down.

Finally Mr. President, we want to remind you of the buses that were donated to the Gambia as the transport system needs quick intervention. 

Those buses need to be on the route to help ease the transport difficulties faced by both students and workers on a daily basis. Passengers cannot continue paying (D10) for 3 to 4 times just to reach one destination when transport allowances have not been increased by government.

Your government should also work on developing some major feeder roads in the county to ease traffic congestion in the country. 

Good day!