Good Morning Mr. President: The coronavirus alarm bell is ringing

Jul 27, 2020, 12:47 PM

Mr. President, the number of registered positive cases in the country is really staggering.

The number of cases is increasing on a daily basis and it’s very alarming. We now have 277 registered cases, 205 active cases, 6 deaths and over 600 quarantined up to the time of going to press. This shows that people are not taking the WHO precautionary measures seriously. 

Mr. President, the introduction of mandatory face masks came into effect last Friday, but many people failed to comply with the measure as some claimed not to have money to buy one, while others didn’t even know that it was announced. These lapses need to be addressed. 

Philanthropists and organisations should also assist in donating and distributing face masks free in public places in order to encourage people to using it.

Mr. President, since ‘Tobaski’ will be here in five days, the security should be patrolling public places like markets, places where rams are sold, salons, supermarkets, beaches etc. and even the praying grounds on Tobaski day to make sure that people wear face masks by force or stay at home. Muslims who can afford it should help imams to buy rams since they are not earning salaries.

More and more sensitisation is needed as there are some people who still don’t believe that this deadly coronavirus is real.

Mr. President, as the state of emergency has been lifted after five months, many businesses like bars and restaurants, night clubs, video clubs, etc are in a haste to operate but then they have to strictly adhere to the WHO rules by washing hands, using face masks and sanitisers and observe social distancing. 

Mr. President, it’s very sad to see politicians still holding rallies in the middle of this pandemic without even observing the WHO preventive measures.

This is not the time for politics but a time to join hands and fight this worrisome pandemic. Gathering people without observing the WHO preventive measures is putting your supporters' lives at stake and unacceptable from any political party.

Mr. President, if we really want to fight this pandemic, then some issues need to be given a priority and dealt with instantly without delay.

Last week, it was the frontline health workers with their problems and now we have the NPHL. The problems of the National testing site should be treated with urgency as we have seen them registering a good number of staff that tested positive with the virus. This is really unacceptable as they can’t be risking their lives as they have families to support.

Kudos to government for the timely purchasing of the 10 ambulances and other medical equipment to boost the health sector. 

Mr. President, before the end of this week, we expect your government to provide the NPHL with generators, equipment and their allowances if we are really serious in fighting this deadly coronavirus.

Finally Mr. President, most Gambians are calling on your government to name a sporting stadium in the country after the late Alhagie Momodou Njie alias Biri Biri. The late Biri Biri who was a legendary footballer known throughout the world put the Gambia at the top in the global map of football.

Your government should appoint a committee that will be responsible for selecting people who are contributing so much in the development of the nation in all aspects and award them, name them after public places or streets while they are alive.

We should be celebrating legends while they are alive rather than posthumously when they are dead and gone.

Good day.

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