Good Morning Mr. President: On social amenities, health & sports

Jan 4, 2022, 12:44 PM

Mr. President following the euphoria of your landslide victory and the just concluded UDP Petition which was ruled in your favour, we wish to congratulate you once again as President-elect and remind you that as a newly minted leader of the Gambian people, much is in your hands.

Gambians say they voted for you for peace and infrastructural development, putting into account the unprecedented roads and bridges you have built since you assumed office in 2017. Five years on Gambians would like you to address important issues that affect their daily lives such as the high cost of living, reliable water & electricity, good roads and public transport.

Mr. President, healthcare for the masses is still a public concern. In addition to renovation works going on at all health facilities, we would like you to ensure all those graduating doctors are properly trained to man the major hospitals as only poor Gambians are suffering and dying needlessly. Health facilities all over the country lack equipment and medicament to treat both minor and major illnesses. Covid-19 and its variants are not going away soon. Our health personnel also need proper gear to protect themselves while treating all patients, especially nurses who take care of patients.

Mr. President, for health care especially COVID, the Health Ministry should be allocating funds to utilise for covid test, acquisition of gloves and disinfectant for the workers who should also be motivated. There is a need for vigorous campaign by the Ministry of Health to educate people about the dangers of COVID-19.

Mr. President, since there is an allegation of misuse of COVID funds, an independent commission of enquiry should be set up to look into this burning issue which is of national interest.

Mr. President, sports in every country brings in much needed economic activity, but only if the sports is given its own Ministry and proper attention and funding especially for the national teams. However, in The Gambia, Sports receive very little from the national cake.

Finally, Mr. President, we commend your government for putting resources to charter planes to transport players. This is the first time in the history of The Gambia. Now since the tournament will start from 9 January to 6 February, the federation should write and agree between them & the players for bonuses and other pledges if they make it to the final. We have players in the national team who can rub shoulders with the best in the world and the financial boost from both government and the private sector will help the Coach and his technicians continue to prepare our boys with ease for a decent first time appearance at the continental football showpiece in Cameroon.
Good day!

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