Good Morning Mr. President: Jammeh should face Justice 

May 10, 2021, 11:03 AM

Mr. President, there is debate on whether former President Yahya Jammeh should be granted amnesty or face justice.

On the other hand, some people believe that you could return Jammeh his properties for him to come back and eventually support your party.  

However, the evidence gathered from the Janneh Commission and Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission are clear manifestations that Yahya Jammeh cannot be given any privileges of a retired Head of State. Yahya Jammeh should face the full force of the law for Economic crimes and Murder. Granting him amnesty will be a mockery of the victims and most Gambians. His presence in the country could possibly destabilise the country and even affect the economy of the country especially in the areas of tourism and trade. 

Mr. President, during Yahya Jammeh’s regime, people lived in fear. Through his instructions, the “junglers” killed innocent people, including West African Migrants mostly Ghanaian citizens. People were detained for several months. Junglers tortured and incarcerated many of them.

How can someone like that be granted amnesty? Many of the people who encouraged Jammeh to stay in power are the ones supporting you. It is best not to believe them, for politics is about interest and not friendship. Many of the people surrounding you now are not your genuine partners.    

Mr. President, after the Janneh Commission concluded its findings, people asked the following questions: How many of Jammeh's properties were sold? How much did the government collect from it? What were the monies used for? How many of those properties are unsold? and why the sale of Jammeh’s properties were halted. People are waiting for answers. 

When former President Yahya Jammeh seized power in 1994, he earned D10 000 per month. When he was elected President in 1996, he earned D170 000 p.a. During the course of his presidency, he acquired 300 properties in The Gambia and one in the United States. He owned 4 aircrafts and 86 Bank Accounts; he sold several rams and cows as well.  

Mr. President, you have been elected by the people. The people voted for you for change, good governance, respect for Human Rights, Rule of Law and to strengthen democracy amongst others. 

Therefore, you cannot grant amnesty to Yahya Jammeh, especially not for the aim of getting the support of his political party; APRC. Many people believe this assumption. Gambians will assess your performance and make informed decisions before they elect you or not. No political party can make you win.  

Mr. President, your government should not set aside the recommendations of the Janneh Commission and the Constitutional Review Commission. People are still waiting for the proposed security sector reform. The recommendation of the TRRC which is due this July should also be implemented. You take these actions for the Presidential elections; if not, you will have a slim chance of succeeding in the elections. The people want to know why resources were wasted with the Janneh Commission and the Constitutional Review Commission.  

Finally Mr. President, it has been widely speculated on social media that The Gambia is about to lose Gam-Petroleum to a foreign business ownership. Mr. President in your independence speech on the 18th February 2021, you vowed that your administration will defend the sovereignty of The Gambia and the freedom and liberties of the people. Gambians will be disappointed if there is a change in this determination. Of worry to Gambians in recent times, is the lack of protection to our water resources, forestry resources, land and transit trade hurdles, etc among others. The future of the country is hanging in the balance unless we act now to stop giving up on protecting the national interest. 

 Happy Eid in advance to you, our readers and advertisers.


 Good day!

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