Beware of illegal land dealers!

May 7, 2021, 10:34 AM

Dispute land continues to be a major problem in The Gambia these days. Land issues have become so serious that most of these disputes end up in our courts.

It is a fact that more and more families in the provinces are migrating to the urban and peri-urban centres on a number of factors. And most farmlands in the urban and peri-urban centers are now turning into settlements. 

However, that should not be a basis for unscrupulous land dealers to sell properties that doesn’t belongs to them.

It is the news that residents of Sotokoi in the Kombo North over the weekend convened a press conference over the issue of multiple lands being unlawfully sold.

Already, some who purchased a plot have started developing their area by building houses.

It is high time government through the Ministry of Local Government and Lands do something to avert what could result to looming disaster. Disputes over land in most cases result to fatalities. It is such an explosive issues that need to be addressed immediately. Past experiences have taught us how serious land issues could turn into.

Therefore, residents of this Kombo North settlement called on the government to immediately address the issue before it goes out of control. Also, authorities need to look into the activities of some of the estate agencies and unscrupulous land grabbers in the country. Until then, the issue of grabbing and illegal sale of land will be an issue in years to come.

Certainly, most of the estate agencies operating in the country are ‘masking’ to be real estate developers while in the real sense they are exploiting people. Authorities including the Department of Physical Planning need to do a lot before endorsing some of these land developers. A thorough ‘fact and background check’ must be done to ascertain whether they are in fact genuine in their activities. If not any Tom, Dick and Harry could just appear from nowhere and pretend to be a genuine estate dealer.

Land issues especially in the Kombos are not taken lightly. Let’s be aware of unscrupulous land dealer. Each one, teach one. Together we will totally eradicate it in our society.

"The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate."

Andrew Carnegie

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