Good Morning Mr. President: It's a New Year 2021

Jan 11, 2021, 10:11 AM

Mr. President, it's New Year 2021 and there are very important issues to be addressed.

Mr. President, we have noticed these days that there is continued increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and this can lead to a second wave of the virus in the country if proper and timely measures are not put in place. Since March last year to date, by the time of going to press, The Gambia had already registered 3,857 positive cases and 125 deaths, while Senegal for the same period registered 21,245 positive cases and 465 deaths.

Our next door neighbour Senegal has seen an increase of Covid-19 positive cases and deaths which prompted their government putting in strict measures by introducing curfew in two main cities of Dakar and Thies for registering 90% of the positive cases in recent times. Last Wednesday, a state of emergency and curfew were declared for a period of 12 days and it could be extended with the approval of their National Assembly owing to the gravity of the pandemic. 

Mr. President, more campaigns for the population to continue observing the WHO measures should be made to avert the situation.

The introduction of hand washing facilities at offices and strategic locations in the country, people wearing masks, keeping social distance, and avoiding crowded places should all be observed in full forces; though many people still don't believe the deadly pandemic is here which may bring us havoc. Prevention is better than cure.

Mr. President, first of all, we commend you for listening to the population and acting swiftly when the population cried, but it is very important that you take a look at appointments of senior officials in the government and make sure that they are made in line with the constitution to avoid embarrassment. 

The authorities involved in the selection and appointment processes should double check and screen the persons before appointing people and even waiting for reply before announcing it to the public to avoid regret and rescinding of appointments.

Mr. President, the IEC should find a solution to start the voters’ registration process soonest because time is against us.

We are still very concerned over the abusive languages being used by politicians against each other.

The IEC in collaboration with Attorney General Chambers should introduce a Code of Conduct for politicians that will include charges against the use of abusive languages or making unfounded allegations against each other else this will drown our nascent democracy. 

Politicians should not create enmity among themselves but sell their political agenda and come December 4, 2021, voters will decide who will occupy the highest office of the land.

Finally Mr. President, a big kudos to the Drug Law Enforcement Agency, The Gambia (DLEAG) for seizing about three tones of cocaine from South America. This seizure is a boost for our country's credibility and your government's readiness to fight illicit drugs which is a menace to the society.

The security personnel especially officials of the DLEAG should be commended, motivated and empowered by giving all the necessary support to be successful in their noble mission. 

The culprit(s) should also be brought to justice to prevent others from committing the same crime. 

No stone should be left unturned and there must be no sacred cows. 

Good day!

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