Good Morning Mr. President: IEC, updates on certain issues & Germany

Jun 21, 2021, 10:50 AM

Mr. President, the voter registration is almost half way and we are encouraging the youths and all citizens to go out and get their voter cards. 

The IEC should endeavour to decongest the political terrain by ruling that candidates should be nominated by at least 15,000 signatories nationwide to qualify to stand for elections. This will enhance a conducive political environment and reduce tension in the country. 

In view of the convoluted political atmosphere, the IEC must be seen to be strong in decisions affecting the electoral situation without fear or favour.

Mr. President, it is incumbent on the IEC to ensure that NEVER AGAIN in announcing two results which will create confusion and eventually put the country in political impasse. 

Those qualified to stand for presidential elections as required by law should declare their assets and parties' financial sources.

The order of the day is transparency, good governance and respect for the rule of law.

Mr. President, people need updates on certain issues that happened in the country. 

People are still asking for the latest development on the seizure of the 3 tonnes of drugs which happened 7th January 2021 at the Banjul ports. 

For diplomatic passports, we know that the matter is in court and so we cannot comment on it but people are waiting for the outcome.

The alleged fisheries corruption recommendations were sent to the office of the president but we are yet to know or hear of any announcement of the outcome of the investigations. 

The sales on the ex-president's assets: The 300 properties, tractors, livestock, vehicles and four air crafts; how the money received was used for what  was proposes and how many items remained unsold remains unknown by the population. 

Finally Mr. President, Dr. Derhard Muller, the German minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, announced last Thursday in Banjul that his government will provide The Gambia with 10 million euros for the health sector, and other areas like job creation and training for youth, to fight migration.

This is a good move from the German government to boost our socio economic development.

The rate of unemployment is high and youth should be trained to get qualifications to be employed.

Your government also needs to be assisted to fight migration which is dangerous for our youth because it is causing a lot of deaths.

You should appeal to the German government for more help to improve our electricity and water services, building of good infrastructure and help in our agriculture sector with equipment, providing trainings for our youth and allocating scholarships. 

You should engage the German government for Gambians who do not have any criminal records to be given official documents to reside and work there.  

Good day!

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