Good morning Mr President: Health and security should top the agenda!

Mar 8, 2021, 11:44 AM

Mr President, today March 8th will mark the beginning of your government's moves to stop all forms of public gatherings like weddings, political and cultural gatherings etc, as we have seen recent surge in the number of reported cases of Corona virus in the country.

Therefore, we should do everything possible to respect the World Health Organization’s preventive measures of restricting public gatherings, practicing social distancing in every event, suspension of both political and cultural gatherings, mandatory use of face masks, frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers. 

Mr. President, the corona virus vaccination should start in the country in earnest without wasting time, and you should lead the campaign. As seen in other countries, you should be amongst the first to take the jab (injection) publicly to be able to encourage others to follow suit. 

The media should also continue educating the public about the pandemic and the importance of taking the injections as many people are still skeptical about the injections.

Mr President, news circulated in the media last week that the main hospital EFSTH lacks some essential medications and equipment and even gloves which is of great concern.

Alot of medical items and equipment were donated to the health ministry during the beginning of the pandemic last year, still our hospitals lack some of these essential items.

In fact, most of the hospitals, clinics and pharmacies have even stopped observing the WHO preventive measures when they should be leading by example, whilst some have started increasing the prices of medicines in the country. 

Mr. President, sometime last month the National Assembly members standing committee for Defense and Security visited the security camps up country and it was really shocking to hear some of testimonies by the personnel especially with regards to their living conditions.

Therefore, you should do everything possible to create a conducive work environment for the men and women in uniform. You should also look at both their transport and housing allowances ‘if we are to retain these men in service.’ You should also bear in mind that security is key in any country’s development and we believe this should be part of the security sector reforms programmes. 

Mr. President, let’s not forget that we are in an election year, which calls for more vigilance and the need to ensure tight security nationwide. Security officers should be well equipped to curb ugly vies in our communities such as burglary, armed robbery just to name a few, which is rampant these days.

The Police should create free toll numbers for people to be giving them information whenever the need arises.

The fire services are also faced with alot of challenges. From lack of enough vehicles, inadequate water supply to the location of some compounds, which all makes their work difficult to be able to response to demands on time and rescue people in times of fire outbreaks. 

Finally, Mr. President, the prices of food commodities and building materials in the country needs to be controlled. 

It is time that the Minister of Trade meets with the business community to see how best to discuss the issue with a view to coming up with tangible solutions to address these hikes in the prices of building materials in the country.

A word for the wise is quiet sufficient.

We pray for peace and normalcy in neighboring Senegal and that people there also learn to give peace a chance. 

Looking at our geographical location, one could only hope for and pray for peace in Senegal, as it entirely sandwiches The Gambia on three sides.

Good day!

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