Good Morning Mr. President: Hate speech, Covid-19 & corruption​

Aug 2, 2021, 12:56 PM

Mr. President, since we are in election year and campaigns will surely start in November for the December 4th​ presidential elections, politicians should desist from hate speech on the social media, print and electronic media because this will not take us anywhere.

The presidential aspirants should respect each other and know that politics should not divide us.

Mr. President, electorates are interested in knowing what candidates would offer when they are elected into office.​

They should publish their manifestos and be discussing them rather than casting or making unfounded allegations against each other.​

People are tired of the many blame games and very unnecessary press statements.​
We should never encourage tribalism or sectarianism because of politics.

Mr. President, your government's preoccupations are to fight Covid-19, create employment for the youth and train them in technical skills, fight corruption and crimes, illegal migration among other issues.
Party leaders should promote peace and unity in the country and join in the crusade to sensitise people about the deadly virus especially this third wave with increasing positive cases and deaths daily.

Mr. President, the Gambian and Senegalese authorities should work and set up strategic plans by exchanging information to support each other to combat the pandemic.
According to statistics, Senegal has registered the highest number of positive cases in the third wave in the subregion and they are our next door neighbour.​
The security and health authorities should work together to make sure that​ people wear masks in public places and use sanitisers. The hand washing facilities should be installed at public places along the streets, markets and in institutions for people to be regularly washing their hands. Border movements should be controlled.​

The population should also be encouraged to take the vaccine.​

Covid-19 should not be politicized. Everyone should play a responsible role and join in the fight.​

Finally Mr. President, it’s high time for your government to set up an anti corruption commission to probe corruption allegations against ​ public servant or institution.​

There are too many allegations of corruption going on in the country that need to be investigated and if anyone is found wanting, then appropriate measures should be taken against them because corruption threatens democracy.

Good day!

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