Good Morning Mr. President: Audios & messages of verbal attack are a public concern

Jul 5, 2021, 11:19 AM

Mr. President, Mama Kande, the opposition leader of GDC party has called on party leaders to urge their militants to put a stop to insults and campaign peacefully and respectfully rather than posting audios containing abusive language which is very uncommon in the Gambia and our society in general.

We agree with him that no particular tribe should insult the other for politics.
In the audios circulating in the social media, some people are using abusive language towards their opponents who in turn are insulting a particular tribe or party leader all in the name of politics.

Mr. President, some are even threatening to burn houses of eminent personalities in our society such as minister and managing directors .
People are now abusing the democracy of the new Gambia by insulting politicians and making serious allegations against them. 

Character assassination is the order of the day, and this is not politic.

Mr. President, the Government should be firmed up by introducing tough laws for people who create unrest in our beloved country.

Culprits should be severely punished because politics should not divide us or create instability.

Some disgruntled elements are taking this opportunity to encourage tribal war which was the cause of the war in Rwanda and we shouldn't allow it to continue. 

Mr. President, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, leader of UDP in a press statement also denounced this attitude of people using the social media for tribal attack.

This trend is a warning during the campaign periods, election day; and days after for the security personnel to do their home work and come up with their own plans to handle such a situation. 

Mr. President, all Gambians should be matured. 

Party leaders and their families will never use audios to insult people so why are some militants doing that to cause trouble. 

Party leaders should set examples for trouble makers by expelling them from their parties. 

Finally Mr. President, we congratulate GPU, Civil Society coalition and the members of the National Assembly for the enacted Information Bill and if you assent your signature on it in one month's time, it will be the first time in the history of the Gambia for right of access to information.
The bill is aimed at proactive and organised dissemination of public records and information to the people.
Mr. President, there are secret information on security matters which should not be disclosed to the public.

Good day!

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