Good Morning Mr. President: The bad state ​of hospitals, GPA & ferries need joint ventures

Aug 9, 2021, 11:39 AM

Mr. President, the COVID 19 pandemic and the third wave Delta variant is causing harm daily with the increasing number of positive cases and deaths.​

According to QTV, Ndeban Hospital is full to capacity and they have run out of oxygen for the 60 patients admitted.​
The Ministry of Health should ​send more health workers at Ndeban Hospital and provide more oxygen before it is too late. Every life is precious.

Mr. President, since the situation is escalating, besides the Sanatorium on Bond Road and Ndeban Hospital in Bakau, the Health Ministry should identify another place to treat the patients of COVID-19.
It will also be appropriate for you to pay a visit to the places where covid-19 patients are admitted and get first hand information which will assist you to know the most needed areas of intervention.​

Mr. President, you should also pay a visit to some major hospitals in the country and get regular updates of scanning machines, x-rays and equipment in the hospitals.​

You should ​appeal to friendly countries of the Gambia for more oxygen, scanning machines, equipment and more drugs.

Mr. President, the dialysis department of the hospitals should be assisted as there is a public outcry of the lack of materials there, whilst many cannot afford buying the materials needed for their daily dialysis, leading to many patients dying there.​

The state of some of our hospitals is disgusting and should be looked into. Patients are complaining of lack of bedsheets, gloves, sanitary materials, poor state of toilets, cupboards full of insects just to name a few.​

Even the private block of EFSTH where one pays not less than 1000 dalasis per night is in a very bad state.​

Mr. President, majority of the people are not taking this deadly COVID-19 seriously.​ They don't practice social distancing nor​ wear facemasks​ or take vaccines.​

The public needs more sensitisation and the security​ should always assist to enforce the law for people, rather than playing deaf, amid public denial of the pandemic which is becoming more serious now.

Mr. President, the Banjul Mortuary’s lack of adequate coffins has been reported by The Point newspaper.​
Many people have to scramble for coffins to transport their dead bodies to their various destinations. More coffins are needed because of the increasing deaths in this period.

Finally Mr. President, the inviting of a Turkish private ferry company by the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure to be operating in Banjul-Barra for a joint venture is a good idea.
The deal should be a win-win affair for the interest of the nation.
The Ministry should take advice from experienced people in the maritime industry like Alagie Gaby Sosseh for the joint venture.
Experienced hard workers should be maintained​ in the service. We need good ferries in both Banjul Barra and upcountry.​

The ferry terminals of Banjul and Barra should be modernised for the forthcoming OIC next year.
The GPA also needs joint ventures with other experts in the field like Dubai ports, Bolore.
Many ports in the subregion have signed joint ventures with experts from other companies to modernise their institutions to overcome the challenges they face. The Gambia need not be an exception.

Good day!

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