A nation in mourning!

Sep 23, 2020, 11:00 AM

Gambian lawmakers have sent the entire nation into mourning after rejecting the draft constitution – Promulgation Bill 2020 which was highly anticipated by citizens here and abroad to be the country’s law for generations.

Thirty-one lawmakers voted yes against 23 that voted no – a Bill that would have required 42 votes to allow for a national referendum.

The draft constitution caters for a two-term limit for presidency in contrast to the 1997 Constitution which requires no term limit. In the draft constitution, a candidate must win 51% of the total votes cast to be declared a president in contrast to the 1997 Constitution where a presidential candidate wins by simple majority.

 Priority to the voting, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and international mission in The Gambia comprising the E.U. Delegation, U.S. Embassy, The British High Commission and German Embassy urged the National Assembly of The Gambia to vote for the Draft Bill in the interest of Gambians.

“The draft constitution is the result of extensive consultations with Gambians across the country and in the diaspora, with significant investment of resources, intellectual discussion and debate by Gambians from all walks of life,” the Foreign Mission in The Gambia states.

With quite some potential media freedom in the draft constitution, the Gambia Press Union (GPU) has had also cautioned against rejecting the Draft Constitution.

However, some National Assembly members turned a deaf ear to all these submissions and decided otherwise.

Having spent a great deal of money – D116 million to draft a new constitution for generations, the hopes and aspirations of ordinary Gambian voices, talents and energy have now dissipated into thin air. This situation leaves Jammeh and the APRC room to jubilate.

For the sake of posterity and historical purposes, we would like to include the names of the (NAMs) National Assembly Members who voted No to the Draft Constitution:

  1. Hon. Sunkary Badjie Foni Brefet  APRC = NO
  2. Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi Foni Kansala APRC= NO
  3. Hon. Kaddy Camara Foni Bondali APRC = NO
  4. Hon. Momodou Camara Foni Bintang APRC = NO
  5. Hon. Alh. Sankung Jammeh FoniJarrolAPRC=NO
  6. Hon. Amadou Camara Nianija NRP = NO
  7. Hon. Samba Jallow Niamina Dankunku NRP=NO
  8. Hon. Ousman Touray Sabach Sanjal NRP = NO
  9. Hon. Sainey Jawara Lower Saloum NRP = NO
  10. Hon. Alhagie Mbowe NRP = NO
  11. Hon. Baba Galleh Jallow  Sanimentereng = NO
  12. Hon.Jarju Saikouba Busumbalaindependent=NO
  13. Hon. Fatou K. Jawara Tallingding Kunjang = NO
  14. Hon. Jawara Alagie Lower Baddibu = NO
  15. Hon. Abdoulie Ceesay Old Yundum = NO
  16. Hon. Muhamed Magassy Basse Independent NO
  17. Hon. Saikou Marong Latrikunda Sabijie = NO
  18. Hon. Majanko Samusa nominated = NO 
  19. Hon. Omar Darboe Upper Niumi = NO
  20. Billay G. Tunkara Kantora UDP = NO
  21. Salifu Jawo GDC = NO 
  22. Hon. Kebba Jallow GDC = NO 
  23. Hon. Muhammed Ndow Banjul Central PPP = NO

"Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it."

Mark Twain


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