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Youth volunteer returns from Kenya Int’l Conference

Sep 13, 2012, 9:47 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Fatou Drammeh, an executive youth volunteer of Global Unification -The Gambia, a youth-led development association that focuses on youth empowerment and community development, recently returned to the country after attending an international youth conference in Kenya.

The forum known as the 3rd annual Africa Emerging Leaders’ Conference took place in Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was organised by World Youth Alliance and the theme is examining the centrality of the human person in achieving human development, particularly to the idea of sustainable development.

Sustainable development is the United Nations overarching concept for development and human rights; it includes social, economic and environmental areas of focus, according to her in an interview with The Point.

World Youth Alliance is composed of young men and women from every part of the world to build free and just societies through a culture of life.

That culture affirms the inalienable dignity of the person who defends the intrinsic right to life and mutual respect.

According to her, the forum brought together youth leaders from across Africa to deliberate on sustainable development.

“Hundreds of young people from the rich continent of Africa call on all people of goodwill to embrace a person centered approach towards authentic and sustainable development in Africa,” she said.

According to her, youth leaders affirm that the inviolable dignity of the human person from conception to natural death and the right of the family must not be compromised in seeking sustainable development.

“We recognise that authentic sustainable development finds its source and fulfillment in the integral development of the human person, in their physical, spiritual, mental and emotional facets,” he said, thus affirming that all efforts for sustainable development - in its social, economic and environmental aspects must be centred on the human person.

Social development can only occur in a climate of respect for the family as the fundamental unity of society and the foundational school of humanity,” she added.

She recalled that during the sessions it was made clear that Africa’s greatest resource is its population.

Growing population of Africa is the greatest asset in bringing about sustainable economic development in our societies, as they possess the ingenuity, skills and knowledge capable of bringing about authentic development in the economy.

“While it is important to preserve and care for our environment in order to ensure the survival of man, this should not be done as an end in itself but to serve the human person’s needs.

It was also noted that African governments should invest in their youths, and provide free, quality education as well as create an enabling environment supportive of innovation.

Allow the youth to explore throughout the world, by allocating annual budget to attend seminars, conferences and build their capacities, the conference delegate said.

She also thanked the President’s Office for facilitating her participation in the conference on behalf of Gambian youth.