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Youth & Fisheries ministers visit aquaculture pilot project site in Nyaniberry

Dec 18, 2013, 9:50 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The ministers of fisheries and water resources and of youth and sports, Mass Axi Gai and Alieu K. Jammeh, respectively, recently visited the ongoing aquaculture pilot project at Nyaniberry Youth Farm.

According to officials, the process of the pilot project started as a result of an MoU signed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources to establish an aquaculture pilot project with ten ponds in a bid to provide alternatives source of employment for young people, especially those who cannot be engaged at fishing site.

Speaking at the site, the deputy director of Department of Fisheries, Nfamara Darboe, hailed the two ministers for their vision in ensuring that the pilot project becomes successful.

According to Mr Darboe, the project was geared towards improving the development of the economy of The Gambia and to motivate the young people to take up the challenge in this domain so as to earn them a better livelihood.

For his part, the minister of fisheries and water resources, Mass Axi Gai, also gave a historical background of the project.

He noted that since all the youth cannot venture into the sea for fishing, there is therefore the need for diversifying into other viable ventures like aquaculture business.

According to him, as a result of the MoU which they believe was a brilliant idea, the two ministries agreed to set up aquaculture pilot project at Nyaniberry Youth Farm.

He also revealed that plans are under way to extend the project to other regions of the country in the near future.

He disclosed that they would maintain the culture of aquaculture system in all areas of the country and would be training over 250 youths in the same field matter by 2014.

He then seized the opportunity to thank the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the collaboration, saying the Ministry of Fisheries will continue to encourage these types of collaboration.

For his part, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Alieu K. Jammeh, thanked the Ministry of Fisheries for the technical collaboration that they have been giving to the Ministry of Youth and Sports at Nyaniberry Youth Farm.

He also by extension thanked the Gambian leader for his continued concern for the wellbeing of the youth in the country.

Minister Jammeh also commended the President for preparing the youth of the country for their educational careers, skills, in all fields, morally and culturally.

He said the project was geared towards getting young people involved in the fishing industry, which the Ministry of Fisheries has been yearning for.

The purpose of these two ministries coming together was to design a project on aquaculture by digging ten ponds which will be used to train young people in fish farming as well as to address issues of fish shortage in one way or the other, he reiterated.