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Young Taiwanese Volunteers Serving in The Gambia Speak to The Point

Nov 13, 2008, 5:36 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The newly arrived young Taiwanese volunteers in the country recently had a chat with The Point at the Paradisco Restaurant at Senegambia.

Having studied up to the university and acquired their masters, the young Taiwanese choose to serve as volunteers of  the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) instead of seeking well paid jobs.

The four young volunteers have spoken to the Youth Forum, while outlining their purpose of choosing to serve in The Gambia for the next two years.

For Charline Hsu, a master's degree holder in Library Information Science and Archive Studies, National Cheng-Chi University, now works with the Department of State for Education, with the support of the friendly people of this country she is feeling as if she is at home. Chien, bachelors degree holder in Horticulture who works with the National Agriculture Research Institute NARI also a product of Chinese Culture University, said that she chose The Gambia to learn African's experience and to share her experience with the people of The Gambia. "I really want to experience with the wider Gambian people," she said. Sean Lin, also a master's degree holder in Information Management who now works with the Department of Physical Planning and Housing, said, "to find a true time of my life, what can I do for the people who really needs me is the fundamental reason why I chooses to be a volunteer." He stressed that he always thinking on how to make more people achieve greater things through him. "Money is not only way of paying back but to contribute to make others live a better life is essential," he said.  Selina, a lady with masters in agriculture who also works with NARI, was also pleased to come to The Gambia. For her, it has always been her dream to travel and work in Africa. I think I can do something good for your country based on my profession," she said. She said that when she was very young she dreamt of saying what she can do for people and not herself. "Gambia is our first choice and we are thanking our two governments for the good relationship." She said that The Gambia is a small country like Taiwan, the two counties could share their experiences.

All the four volunteers are in their 20s, however there are five Taiwanese volunteers serving in the country and the sixth one is also due to arrive soon. In the past, there used to be only one or two Taiwanese volunteers in The Gambia at a time but the trend has changed this year.

All the volunteers have expressed their commitment in serving The Gambia to the best of their ability.