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Women’s empowerment

Jun 28, 2011, 1:13 PM

Women in The Gambia like their counterparts in many parts of Africa are indeed hardworking.

They can be found working in the rice fields, and at home. They take care of the children, and prepare them for school. They cook food for the family, and walk sometimes several miles to reach their farms.

It is, therefore, important that women are given the necessary support to enable them move out of poverty.

Reducing the burden on them is a big way of empowerment. Women in key top positions in the country’s executive, is another way of empowering them.

However, lifting the majority of our rural women from economic hardship is key in women’s empowerment.

 Having realized that women have a very important role to play in society, it is good to give them the necessary support they need.

We have to treat women with dignity, because they are our mothers and wives.

Most of the time, women are subjected to unnecessary abuse by the male folk, which is detrimental to their health.

It is high time that women were given their rightful dues, which they deserve in society.

This  is the only way we can empower them.

Men should encourage women to fully participate in the political process, rather than subjecting them only to clapping for politicians during political meetings; their role should go far beyond this.

We strongly believe that women should be given a chance by their male counterparts to contest during national elections.

We would like to commend the Government of the Gambia for their stance towards the empowerment of women in the country. The government has appointed women in top positions in government. Yet more needs to be done to move them from the poverty circle.

We call on other African governments to emulate the good move of The Gambia, and give women what they deserve.