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Witness describes inhuman treatment from witch-hunters

Nov 18, 2019, 2:39 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Sona Bass, a native of Makumbaya village on Thursday 14 Nov. testified before the TRRC, narrating how inhumanly the witch-hunters treated and alleged she was a witch.

Born in 1938, Bass narrated that it all started when she was in her garden watering, had a bath and then went towards her house that a man came and held her neck and dragged her half-naked to the highway and to the bus which was parked at the alkalo’s residence.

She said she was helped for proper dressing by her daughter Banna. She said she found many other people put on the vehicle as well.

She added that the man that came for her was dressed in red and holding mirrors. She said that she also saw some other people who were dressed in greens, drumming, singing, clapping and dancing.

“After boarding the vehicle, they brought us somewhere in the Kombos. There were houses in the territory and they took us there. We were sitting there and there were some people cooking but majority of us didn’t eat.”

Witness testified that at that place, they were calling them one after the other to drink a concoction, which she said was so bitter. She adduced that when one is given a cup and fails to finish it, they will force that person to drink all.

She confirmed that they were there for two days with their own cups not eating, neither drinking normal water.

“There was a time I wanted to urinate and one young man who was there forcefully told me to urinate in front of him. I was so embarrassed because some men who can be my grandsons undressed and bathed us.”

Bass stated that the local medication given to her affected her because her whole body was in pain and as soon as she drank the liquid, she became unconscious.

“Alasana Jurju and Kemo were all beaten and Kemo died as a result of that, while Danjan Sowe died after drinking the liquid.”

She narrated that when they were brought back home, she couldn’t walk and her son assisted her to walk.

“I stayed home for almost a month without leaving my compound because the concoction weakens me. I went to hospital for treatment but I am still not well.”