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Well worth the effort

Apr 20, 2012, 3:07 PM | Article By: Adelaide Mendy

We have had all of us nurtured dreams from a very young age, some attainable some ridiculous but, nonetheless, something we hold close to our hearts. Our own personal piece of heaven, to take us through trying times.To this day, I can still recall one of my earliest memories of wanting to be a fairytale princess.Granted, it was not very original but it meant a lot to me and I treasure those innocent moments. Today, I wish to delve into dreams that are actually attainable and realistic. The ones within our grasp if we are willing to put in the hundred and fifty percent of effort required,

Are you one of those individuals who feel inspired and get all excited about a great idea in our heads and then checking out when it comes to the actual application of that oh so awesome vision? Well, join the legions who suffer from that very same setback temperament. It’s nothing to be ashamed of but it is a conquerable feat. There are inn print so many ‘How to..’ books which tells readers things ranging from how to be successful to how to raise the perfect family. Do they work? Honestly, there are some ‘trump card’ ideas or steps that might actually work but the bottom line is, success lies in the soul of each an every individual. It’s about knowing what you want, devising a realistic plan to achieving it and setting about doing it. Dreams can only take one so far.

Did you know the global brand Nike was started out of the trunk of a car? Now several years later, it is a multi million dollar company renowned the world over. The brain behind the phenomenon which is known today as Virgin, now a brand recognized the world round was dyslexic, a learning disability which means he processes information slower than the average person, Now one would think this would be the biggest disadvantage in a world that values academics and where its survival of the fittest and most likely fastest. Where the world saw a defect, he saw an opportunity and took it.

We need to always be willing to be open to other possibilities. Our destiny most likely is not the one we originally plotted out for ourselves. Perhaps, that is a fundamental flaw, the unwillingness by some of us to change or adjust our purported sure fire plans. When one door slams shut, another one is sure to open, we just need to look hard enough.

Some of the greatest inventors the world has ever seen were not exactly what one would term as the best students so do not be afraid to take a less conventional path in the pursuit of your dreams.

Every potential business needs first and foremost a good business plan which would have to be presented to potential financial backers. Naturally, some will say yes others no but the important thing is not to let anyone dissuade you. Be open to constructive criticism; listen to the possible flaws in your plan from different perspectives. Then see how best you can adjust.

It does not really matter if the services or goods you wish to offer the public are commonplace. You can offer a varied version that has competitive advantage. Hong Kong, and New York, are some of the most industrialized cities in the world and yet businesses offering basically the same things are cropping up all the time and a profit is still turned. Yes The Gambia is not s large as the nations of the afore mentioned cities which in itself is both a set back and a blessing. If the quality of your goods and services are the best, then you are bound to attract the attention of the targeted public.

Once the plan has been effected, then monitoring and quality maintenance is crucial. In every field of practice, quality is key, from medicine to litigation or even a store offering products to the public. After the effort that had been exerted in achieving that dream or goal, maintaining and improving quality is essential to maintain the edge.Stagnancy is not an option if you wish your endeavour to be and remain successful. Always be a stickler for growth and expansion.

For a lot of individuals, their dream engagement or career is one where they can make the most money and obtain a better standard of living. While this might be a motivating factor, it shouldn’t shadow other important elements. Loving what we do is extremely important because ultimately, success is not measured by your bank balance but rather the person you are within.

Do you ever compare yourself to others and find yourself wanting? Such thoughts rarely bode well for a healthy body image. I understand healthy competition it is only natural after all and keeps us on our toes. Looking around, we are likely to see some people we consider as being born with a silver spoon in their mouths and their lives look easier than most. But the truth as far as I am concerned is this, anything worth having is worth the wait and work put into it, because there simply isn’t much satisfaction gleaned from something your sweat did not go into. One tends to breeze through life rarely ever appreciating the worth in anything.

We all are capable of the amazing. Believe in yourself because you are worth every bit of effort and you owe yourself that much. It is not the size of the man, but the size of the fight in the man that matters. Which inspirational idea in your head are you going to start fighting for and putting into tangible reality today?