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Welcome to the Smiling Coast

Oct 24, 2011, 2:13 PM

We wish to join the Tourism officials to welcome the first batch of tourists from Poland to the country.

While in the Smiling Coast of Africa, tourists can enjoy a lot ranging from the sea, sun and beautiful sandy beaches, to the fine hotels and numerous other tourist attractions and, above all, the peace.

The Gambian people are very welcoming, and any tourist who visits the country can attest to that unique nature in Gambians.

The new Gambia Tourism Board is now committed to giving the tourists a uniquely rewarding experience through an integrated high quality product/service to tourists.

With the coming of this first batch of tourists from Poland, we hope more would be coming this year to visit the Smiling Coast of Africa.

We salute the tourism authorities for marketing the country at the international markets, and hope that more new and old source markets would be explored.

Considering the contribution of tourism in the Gambian economy, we further encourage the players in the industry to keep intensifying the efforts at making the Gambia second to none in the sub-region.

The Gambia has a range of historical buildings, monuments, and archaeological sites some of which are now listed in the world heritage sites of UNESCO.

So, it would be rewarding for tourists to visit the Smiling Coast purposely for what it offers.

The Gambia has a high degree of ethnic diversity and offers a wide range of visitor experience within its limited land area.

The country’s attractions include performing arts – dance, music, which are highly developed, while Gambian cuisine is diverse and attractive.

Every year, thousands of international visitors come to The Gambia, drawn by our beaches, birds, sunshine, and the country’s biggest asset: the Gambian people, whose hospitality and friendliness have made it “The Smiling Coast.”

We, therefore, encourage more tourists to consider a visit to the Smiling Coast of Africa - The Gambia.