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Welcome Home!

Mar 14, 2011, 12:18 PM

More than four hundred Libya-based Gambians have so far returned to The Gambia, since the evacuation process began about a week ago.

We welcome the returnees back home, and encourage them to acquire relevant Gambian national documents as soon as possible.

What we want the returnees to understand that once a Gambian you are always a Gambian, and that there is no place like home.

Also, our commendation goes to the authorities for facilitating the safe evacuation of Gambians in Libya.

Our commendation also goes to the Senegalese Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, for the support and kindness given to their Gambian brothers and sisters. 

The support Senegalese authorities in Libya offered to Gambians, during the difficult moments, are a clear show of the oneness that binds Banjul and Dakar no matter what.

The Senegambian people are one and are culturally and naturally united and, as such, this relationship must be nurtured by all in the Senegambia region.

The recent inflow of Casamance refugees into Gambian border villages in Foni and the reception accorded them by the host communities also is a manifestation of our natural ties.

Coming back to the Gambians who just returned from Libya we encourage you to integrate into the society and to see the situation you find yourself in as God's decision.

We urge the authorities to intensify their efforts to ensure the remaining Gambians in Libya are also evacuated, including those said to be in Libyan jails.

We use this platform to pray for peace and stability to return to the Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, for the betterment of the Libyan people and the world at large.

Similarly, we welcome the newly sworn-in United States Peace Corps volunteers to The Smiling Coast of Africa. Please feel at home!