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We have to act now!

Apr 22, 2014, 9:32 AM

The border issue between The Gambia and Senegal is becoming a real problem.

It is now apparent that keeping quiet is not an option; we must speak up and speak out.

It is clear, we can no longer keep mum, hoping the issue will be resolved amicably, and go away quietly.

It is obvious it won’t happen that way.

It is also certain that we cannot go on like this.

It is evident that things are getting worse, if we go by our lead story in this edition.

As movement across our common frontier is restricted, and traders cannot go back and forth, the people will become more and more affected, and there is risk of hardship and suffering on both sides of the border.

Thus the public interest and public security is at stake, not forgetting the larger national interest which would be undermined by not maintaining peaceful co-existence.

This is why this matter must not be allowed to last a day longer than necessary.

The national authorities on both sides of the frontier must now say something, and do something about the impasse.

This problem must not be left to non-state actors. It is a matter for the two governments to discuss.

Indeed, this crisis is a test for the new minister of Foreign Affairs, and for the revived Senegal-Gambia permanent secretariat.

We hope they rise to the challenge.

"Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind".

John F. Kennedy

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