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War on drugs

Sep 26, 2011, 2:45 PM

Combating illicit drugs in the country should be a collective responsibility for everyone, and should not only be left in the hands of the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) or security services in general.

As responsible and good citizens, we should not leave everything in the hands of the security forces, but instead we have to assist them to minimize this illegal act.

What makes us worry is that, despite the number of arrests made by the security personnel and subsequent prosecution by courts, some people are still dealing in illicit drugs.

The fundamental question we need to ask ourselves is why people are still defiant in this business.

We, therefore, urge our officers to remain vigilant in their quest for a Gambia free from drugs, and to find out the new concealment methods being used by the drug traffickers.

Since the consequences of drugs are many and severe, we call on all and sundry to work towards fighting the menace.

As citizens, we should not endanger our population with bad practices.

Drugs will never help the development of our country, but would instead take it back.

Hardly a week goes past without hearing in the news about a person arrested with suspected cannabis or hard drugs.

Let us always try to set good standards, as this is the only way we can made progress as a country.

The government is doing   everything possible to crack down on drugs trafficking.

Yet still people are adamant!

Communities have to help the narcotics officers, by making sure that anybody dealing in drugs in the neighbourhood is reported on time, so that they would be able to act quickly.