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Video clubs could pose health hazard

Sep 8, 2011, 2:08 PM

The health and safety of people who normally watch football matches in video clubs should be seriously considered by the authorities in the country.

It is time for the Health ministry, police and physical planning authorities to work together so as to ensure that anybody who wants to operate a video club  puts in place good health and public safety measures for their clients.

Most of the time, proper ventilation is lacking in our video clubs, and all the owners are after is to collect money from people.

The dangers in bringing so many people into one place without proper ventilation are well known, since this can lead people to contract airborne diseases that can be detrimental to their health.

The public health officers must carry out regular inspections of all the Video Clubs across the country.

The owners of the video clubs should put the health of the people first before money.

Thus we call on the health authorities to embark on routine inspection of such facilities.

We have to understand that health is a fundamental human right, and it should be given the due attention it deserves, as a healthy nation is a wealthy nation.

Let us not compromise on the health of our people, and must not allow the video club owners to exploit people.