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Vehicle sale transaction reaches court

Mar 7, 2016, 12:15 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

The case involving one Seedy Hydara, who was charged with receiving goods by false pretence, continued on 3 March 2016 before Magistrate Abeke of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court, with the second prosecution witness testifying.

The prosecuting officer, Inspector Jallow, asked the witness, Muhammed Drammeh, to get into the witness box and tell the court what transpired between the first prosecution witness, Haddy Touray, and the accused.

Muhammed Drammeh told the court that he is a businessman, who lives at Tallinding.

He said it was Haddy Touray, his sister, who called him on the phone while he was at his work place, and told him that she saw somebody who wanted her vehicle.

His sister introduced him to the accused, who is the husband of his cousin.

Mr Drammeh told the court that it was the accused who told his sister that he had some customers in Guinea Bissau for the vehicle, adding that his sister told the accused that she was selling the vehicle for 3,500,000 CFA but whatever amount he added on top of the price would be his.

The witness further stated that his sister told them that the engine oil should be changed, before the accused could take the vehicle to Guinea Bissau.

Mr Drammeh adduced that after the engine oil was changed, his sister gave the key to the vehicle to the accused, adding that the accused told his sister that he could get more than the price his sister was selling the vehicle for.

He further testified that he and the accused one day boarded the vehicle travelling to Ziguinchor, Senegal.

Mr Drammeh said he told the accused on their arrival in Ziguinchor that their mission was to travel to Guinea Bissau, and not Ziguinchor

They spent three days in Ziguinchor to look for customers, but could not find any, and he told the accused that if they could not find a customer, he would return to The Gambia.

On the third day in Ziguinchor they left for Guinea Bissau.

They spent four days in Guinea Bissau and could not find a customer, and he called his sister and told her that they could not find a customer in Guinea Bissau, and that he was coming back to The Gambia.

His sister then told him that he could come back, after she spoke to the accused on the phone.

Mr Drammeh further narrated that he then left the vehicle with the accused and returned to The Gambia, adding that he informed his sister on the phone that he had come back home, on his arrival.

His sister then reported the matter to Tallinding Police Station.

He further testified that on a Tobaski day, his sister called him on the phone and told him that the accused had returned to The Gambia.

One day he and a police officer went to the accused person’s residence, arrested him and took him to Tallinding Police Station, where he wrote his statement.

He added that the accused did not return the vehicle to his sister, neither did he give her the proceeds from any sale of the vehicle.

The case continues.