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Utilise the scholarships well

Dec 2, 2010, 11:48 AM

As many as ten students from the University of the Gambia recently benefitted from a scholarship package from the Taiwanese Embassy in Banjul.

As a matter of duty, the students are expected to make the best use of the opportunity in order for this scholarship package to continue to be available to others, come next academic year and beyond.

Actually, for six years now, the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan in Banjul from takes from its internal budget (that is, the budget of the embassy in Banjul) has allocated a sum of $6000 to the University of the Gambia (UTG), earmarked for the annual sponsorship of ten deserving and needy university students.

Considering the cost of tuition in the  university, and the financial situation of most potential students, there is no doubt that without this kind of intervention many students would not have had the opportunity to study at the university.

Thus, we commend the Taiwanese Embassy for the kind gesture!

Education is key to success in life, and any individual or institution that helps Gambians to acquire higher education could definitely be described as our true friend.

It is also our view that students who received this year’s Taiwan Embassy scholarships should consider themselves lucky, since they were chosen from among many who equally need the sponsorship.

This is why we want to state that opportunities of this kind should be fully utilized, so that the donor would be encouraged to continue giving the scholarships.

It is good to know that the Taiwan International Cooperation for Development Fund (ICDF) is also equally offering many scholarships for Gambian students to pursue courses in Taiwan.

In fact, the ambassador of Taiwan, speaking at the recent presentation of a cheque to the university authorities for the sponsorship, announced that the ICDF facility is also available to the beneficiaries who go through the University of the Gambia.

Meanwhile, we encourage all those institutions and individuals supporting our education sector to continue the good work, for their investment is a good one, which would one day pay good results for the country.

Human resource development is essential for the socio-economic development of any country, and educating our young ones is vital for the future of this nation.

Finally, we add our voice to that of those who thanked the Taiwanese Embassy on behalf of the students and their families for coming to their aid.

We call on other diplomatic missions in the country to emulate the Taiwanese Embassy.