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United States-Based Musical Group, Mad Noise, comes to The Gambia

Dec 9, 2015, 9:54 AM

On December 14, the United States Embassy will welcome “Mad Noise,” a California-based musical group that is touring several African countries, including The Gambia, as part of its international schedule for 2015.

The Group will arrive The Gambia on December 14 to kick off an intense weeklong musical project that includes free concerts at Ebunjan Theater and Jarra Soma on the 16 and 17 respectively. These performances will feature local musical guests in addition to “Mad Noise” and are completely free and open to the public. A musical entrepreneurship workshop for Gambian musicians as well as a visit to Gambia Senior Secondary School in Banjul will also be part of the Group’s activities.

These concerts with Gambian artists are important platforms for the exchange of ideas and experiences, leading to a better appreciation of each other’s musical genre and the broader cultural context. It is our strong conviction that this entire project will greatly enhance diversity and foster entrepreneurship and economic progress of Gambian musicians. The robust interactions and networking that will ensue among the Gambian and U.S. musicians have the potential to build long-lasting professional relationships for the future development of the local artists and the music scene overall.

The Group’s activities will kick-off with a news conference for Gambian journalists, to which your media house is invited to send a news crew. Please see the details below:

Press Conference To Introduce Mad Noise

Date: Monday, December 15, 2015

Venue: American Corner, Comium

Time: 11:00 am

In the same vein, your media house is also invited to provide news coverage to the Embassy’s Music Entrepreneurship Workshop for over 30 Gambian musicians.

Date: December 15

Time: 13: 00pm

Venue: Gambia Music School