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Tribute to O.B. Conateh

Apr 9, 2020, 11:03 AM

“INNA LILLAAHI wa INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON [We Belong to ALLAH and onto ALLAH We Shall Return]. Our beloved Gambia has lost an Illustrious Son! Alhaj O.B. Conateh [FISCO] has Passed-on! You will be sorely missed, Koto Boto (of Zigoza)-- the Zigoza boys: Fisco, Pa Cham, Nurainu Carew, Abou Denton, Tapha Ngum-- to name but a few. They were my Kotos. I looked up to these Notable Banjul personalities as my mentors, growing up in Banjul!

Fisco is the quintessential definition of a decent human being. O.B. Conateh, the philanthropist was an advocate and champion of empowerment of the Next-Gen--Gambian youth.

Koto Boto lived a Life of Living for others!! He was genuinely caring and compassionate towards his fellow man, with a sense of integrity that is second-to-none! Seeing an example of O.B. Conateh will be a feat of gigantic proportions!

Gambian soccer and a grateful nation are in mourning!  We are mourning the passing of a legend and a true patriot.

Please convey my deepest condolences to his widow and the entire Conateh family for the pain of their loss. May they gather the strength and fortitude to persevere this devastating loss during the difficult period of grief and mourning. Adieu my dear Koto, Alhaj O.B. Conateh (FISCO). Your legacy will live on forever!

May Allah’s NOOR (devine light), protection and infinite blessings be with his widow and progeny in this life and the hereafter.

Ya Allah! Ya Rahaman! Ya Rahim! The Merciful, The Forgiver. Please forgive Alhaj O.B. Conateh, and grant him the highest Jannah. Ameen ALLAH. Jazaak ALLAHU Khairan!  Masallama. By Dr. Sidi Cherno Jammeh, Chairman Emeritus, World Bank Group-IMF African Society, Washington DC