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Thunder Kills Four Boys In NBR

Oct 28, 2009, 4:16 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

Reliable sources close to the North Bank Region (NBR) village of Kisima Jaw of Jokadou District have revealed that four young boys were recently killed by a heavy thunderstorm.

 According to reliable sources, the four boys were Mattarr Saho, aged 12, Saikou Saho, aged 8, Ousman Gaye, aged 8 and Sheriff Drammeh, aged 7.

Our sources revealed that, the incident happened at around 5pm when the four boys, together with other family members were working at their groundnut farm.

As the rain was about to come, our sources added, the four boys and other family members ran for safety under a big tree, but unfortunately for them all the family members had left while they were still under the tree when they met their untimely death.

When contacted for confirmation on the incident, the Regional Governor for North Bank Region, Alhagie Edwarr Seckan confirmed the story.

According to Governor Seckan, all the four victims were family members of the village’s Imam, Alhagie Ousman Saho of Kisima Jaw in Jokadou District.

Shortly after the incident, Governor Seckan said, he led a delegation that comprised the NAM for the area, Kebba Gaye, Chief Jim Fatim Jobe and Councillor for the area, Kemo Jabbi Cassama.

Governor Seckan said on behalf of The Gambia Government they visited the bereaved family to pay condolence to them.

Seckan said they advised the bereaved family to accept the incident in good faith, attributing it to a natural phenomenon.

It could be recalled that in the month of September 2009, two people were also killed by thunderbolt in NBR, namely Mrs. Nyabou Kallo of Badibou Suwareh Kunda, who was killed in the same circumstances while working on her rice field and Mustapha Camara, aged 15 from Kerr Pateh.