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The World Is Presently in an Absolute State of Anarchy

Aug 4, 2008, 9:39 AM | Article By: By Baboucarr A.S. Sowe National President AMSA

The president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association (AMSA), Brother Baboucarr A.S. Sowe, has noted with grave concern the unwarranted state of affairs in the world. The students' Association president was speaking during a five-day convention held at Nasir Senior Secondary School at Basse, from the 17th to the 21st July, 2008.

"The world is presently at an absolute state of anarchy, characterised by indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women, children and the old under the pretext of religion and democracy," he said. The endless wars in Africa, the suicide bombings in Iraq and the terror bombings elsewhere in the world have indeed made the world very unsafe for human beings. These are indeed clear manifestations of the latter days, but the irony is that many still fail to recognize and acknowledge the person ordained with the responsibility of correcting the world's situation. He observed that all these atrocities boil down to misguidance and lost as a result denying the Imam of the age (the Promised Messiah & Imam Mahdi AS).

According Baboucarr, we are witnessing a very sad era of Islam where Muslims resort to the killing of their fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike in the name of Islam. As a result, Islam has been viewed as a religion of violence as all these atrocities displayed by Muslims are as a result of misguidance all for the mere fact that they have failed to recognize and honor the Imam of the age. A religion designated to teach peace and love for humanity is now branded the worst enemy of humanity.

In conclusion, Mr. Sowe advised students to be wise and watchful, adding that by nature we are all pure. "Take the utmost care to avoid greed in things of this material world. Do not be carried away, give due regard to your religion, that you don't forget your spiritual needs," he said.

In his welcoming remarks, Mamadi Ceesay, principal Nasir Ahmadiyya Senior School, advised students to befriend their books. "You are students and students are seekers of knowledge and therefore you should spend most of your time with your books and discussing academic issues," he told them. "This will no doubt help you achieve higher heights in your drive to academic excellence," he added. In conclusion he said, "the youths are the future generation of our society and your successes and failures as youths is directly or indirectly connected to the successes and failures of society as a whole."

Alagie Bah, national secretary Education (Talim) Board, delivering on the topic Importance of Education and the Role of Ahmadi Students said that students must never relent in their search for knowledge. "Read as wide as you can, utilise every other opportunity made available to you. The Jama'at needs engineers, lawyers, doctors and professionals from all fields of study.

Tahir Ahmad Touray, delivering on the topic; Khilafat and Our Responsibilities, noted that we are living in a century of godlessness and materialism. "All forms of immorality are sanctioned in the name of freedom," he said. The foremost responsibility that an Ahmadi owes to the institution of Khilafat is to recognise Allah Almighty and totally devote to Him. Our hearts should be saturated with the love of Allah. According to Allah Almighty, he said if our hearts are purified, and our conduct beautiful, the blessings of Khilafat shall continue to rain on us.

For her part, sister Mariama Baldeh, speaking on the topic Islamic Code of Dress, said that the unrestricted association of men and women, and women's decking themselves out for the set purpose of attracting men has become the disease of western society, so that all consideration of modesty and decent deportment have been cast aside and all the matured and prized values have fallen into contempt and are ridiculed. "It is a grave concern that a section of western oriented Muslims have not been able to resist this suicidal trend that prevails in the west. It is earnestly to be hope that the dangers inbuilt in this line of thinking and conduct will soon be recognized and the beneficence of Islamic values being appreciated will be more strictly adhered to, she stressed.

During the five-day convention, sporting activities such as football, volleyball, basketball and athletics were also incorporated. The event attracted over two hundred (200) students from throughout the country.