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The Plight of Teachers

Jan 7, 2009, 6:59 AM

What a pity to learn of retrenchment of unqualified teachers of the state department of Education.

It is a pity at a time when the whole world is grappling with economic crisis and the state of livelihood of oneself. It is unimaginable that the teachers who struggle all day to get our children the necessary knowledge are being retrenched. According to the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the said department those teachers without three passes are the ones to be affected even if the person spends over 15 years. For us this statement is heartless and that the education department should re-consider this issue. Rather than send them packing, what the education department should have done is to give the said teachers the necessary training on the job, because as the saying goes, "experience is the best teacher."

The reality is that we do not have enough trained teachers to fill all our necessary posts. Nobody wishes to se a situation where we depend so heavily on untrained teachers but that is the reality we must deal with. Beggars cannot be choosers, so until we have enough fully trained staff we must continue to use untrained teachers.

We finally believed that for someone who has spent 15 years not only in the teaching field, but in any trade will not be in anyway be default to learn that trade.

Just imagine the hurdles these retrenched teachers will face with their families in the trying times.

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