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The Plight of Journalists Worldwide Highlighted

Jan 30, 2009, 6:20 AM

Our United Kingdom correspondent today reports from the Media Freedom Agenda in that country during which there was serious criticism of the fact that the deaths of journalists around the world are not only still happening but are not being investigated fully by governments and security forces. Many at that august gathering expressed their shock at the fact that journalists were still be targeted simply for doing their job and informing the public. Unfortunately the fact is that those who wish the truth to stay hidden and control the population by denying them access to the facts will always wish to silence journalists. The journalists, as a servant not only of the truth but of the population, works tirelessly to bring them the information they need to make informed decisions and also bring to light those who would wish to cheat the people for their own selfish gain.

Quoting a report by the International Federation of Journalists, the United Kingdom journalists criticised such inhumane and appalling acts as murder and intimidation against their colleagues worldwide and vowed to do all what they could to avert the situation.

The journalists believe that 'many governments around the world do not launch serious investigations into the deaths of independent journalists' and therefore such a situation must henceforth stop.

The media practitioners said: 'We believe that the freedom of journalists to work without fear is vital for any democratic society; and therefore urge the United Kingdom Government to use all international opportunities to support the freedom and safety of journalists worldwide'.

Proper investigations are essential in a democracy and that is why we at The Point, along with all our colleagues in the media call for the investigation into the death of our dear, fallen friend Deyda Hydara to be reopened so that his cold blooded murderers can be brought to justice. As long as the perpetrators of this heinous criminal act remain at large there will be no true justic.

Journalists Kate Gillingham told The Point: 'Even though we very much enjoying the press freedom that we have in this country to help us criticise and scrutinise our government, we also believe there is no democracy or economic development without a free press. Therefore we wish other people around the world to enjoy the same rights for the development of their own countries. Surely this is something we want to achieve'.

We thank our colleagues in the United Kingdom for their moral support and extend out greetings and support to our colleagues all over the world. In solidarity we stand with them for truth, justice, democracy and human rights.