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The Angel You do Not Know

Nov 21, 2008, 4:37 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

What is the world coming to when our most vulnerable people are turning against each other? As has been said over and over on this page, what we are, most of the time, concerned about is women and children, because we believe that they are the most vulnerable in the society. We also fight for their fundamental Human Rights - we say for women there is a need to respect their feminism; for children, the need to respect their right to survival, development, protection and participation.

But in the long run, the hunter hunts the hunted as in survival of the fittest, thus, making our dreams futile and a mere day-dream.

Early this week, precisely on Tuesday, it was reported that a woman in Jamburr village, Kombo South had been arrested and was currently helping the police with their investigations for allegedly pouring hot water on a three-week-old baby, Alasana Sarjo. What a serious case in point. Every now and then, we read of serious incidents of this nature which, in most cases, involve women.

As if that isn't enough, infanticide occasionally raises its ugly head. Infanticide is usually committed by teenage mothers who have children out of wedlock and try to save their shame from the society by committing the terrible act. These children were only the products of their act and they also deserve the four groups of child's Right.

The hottest cake nowadays is that of the case mentioned above.

How inhuman of such a woman to inflict a child with such a scourging pain if her actions were premeditated. That isn't only a baby, but her step son. We understand that this was due to her envy caused by her infertility after many years of marriage and her husband finding her a mate who bore that innocent angel.

With that, this woman has stepped over the boundaries of her rights the moment she tramped upon the poor child's, for rights, they say, stop at one's very own nose and there begins another man's. What she didn't know was that maybe God didn't give her a child yet in her marriage because that innocent child could have been more of a real son to her and could have wiped out her need for one.

To be sure, we've seen those kinds of people before and still, but those are the people who swallowed their bitterness against their mates and step-children and had patience every step of the way of their marital life. There is no doubt in every woman's mind that sharing a husband is one of the hardest things a woman has to endure and as a result we try to avoid it by all costs if we can.

But as for the others who are submissive, willing, dutiful, faithful and patient, they just see it as a thing ordained by Allah for Muslim men to marry up to four wives if they have the means. Each and every woman wants to have a husband all to herself, which is impossible considering the fact that women population are multiplying soaringly. This is a fact that we grudgingly accept yet we wish it away. Polygamy has been with us since the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)'s time and it is here to stay till the end of time.

We must try to soften our hearts with the thought of our lovely ambitions and inspirations, and wash away all forms of impurity ranging from hatred, bitterness and the like. We must also try to understand that children are the cream of our society, the future leaders and that they are just innocent. They need our help, support and understanding in every way we can give it. They shouldn't be subjected to brutalisation and hatred.