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Taking a Walk at The Beach

Jul 16, 2009, 7:47 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

The beach is said to be a place where an area of sand or small stones is founded beside the sea or a lake.
The salty sea air is always inviting; its sultry taste so sultry gives a different definition to life.
Have you ever taken a walk down to the nearest beach?
Have you realised that when you do it invites you with welcoming arms and melodious music like soft whispers when the waves play?
It's like a well or a bed that never gets filled up.
The beach gives solace, shares your pains and understands your fears in its own way.
Have you ever felt down? Do you think that lashing out at yourself is the only solution? After having or suffering from inexplicable troubles, have you ever thought of taking a walk to the beach? You might be able to reveal yourself more to the beach than to anyone else?
Say for example when one faces the beach, one bares ones soul to it consciously or not. The sea breeze usually eases and manages to blow away a few cobwebs.
Listen to the song it sings, walk along the sides barefooted, let the waves kiss your feet as they come along playfully, feel the cold playful waves or better-still take a plunge in it.
When you have taken a few walks on the vast terrain of the beach, open your arms let the fresh breeze to assail your nostrils to your lungs, feel younger than you have never dreamt to be in your wildest dreams.
The beach has its own potential charm to help someone decide on what to do next?
Have you decided on being a writer? Just take walk to the beach with a book and a pen at hand, or better still you could decide on being an artist or a painter.
The beach serves as a source of inspiration because to have one of these careers above, you need a lot of concentration and commitment to study oneself. It may take ages to prove and discover ones skill. These above careers need commitment and dedication, and one might discover ones gift at an early age also.
And when that happens, the beach is the ideal place to write in where one is far away from home, noise and other engagements.
You might just find out that writing, reading, relaxing, thinking and painting at the beach sounds more fun than anything else you enjoy doing.
Take it from someone who knows!